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Our guiding principles are to provide affordable, high quality, custom handmade knives for collectors and users.


Bill's Workshop


Products and services:

  • Specializing in file knives
  • Custom handmade knives
  • Kydex®, leather & Concealex® sheaths


Let me introduce myself:


I've been making knives since 1990 and specialize in custom file knives.  Some blades are manufactured from re-tempered files that are beyond their service life, as files go.  All blades are meticulously ground freehand, so each knife is individually crafted by me.  All blades are hollow ground and hand sharpened.  Blades are finished usually in satin; however in some cases I finish the steel to a polished shine. In all cases I strive to make the finest knife humanly possible; always preferring quality over quantity.

I use various handle materials with a preference toward natural wood.  On occasion, I also produce Japanese style wrapped handles for my knives.

I hand form my sheaths from Kydex® or Concealex® sheet products and each is custom fitted to its particular knife.

My logo is a gecko; distinguishing my knives from other makers.  The gecko logo is etched onto each blade spine, adjacent to the bolster.  For knife blades constructed from stainless steel, the gecko logo receives an “S” in the middle.


Legal Disclaimer:

Bill Hampton offers quality knives for legitimate use only.  Possession of a knife with the sole intent of vandalizing, causing bodily harm or similar acts is a crime punishable by law.  The owner/user assumes all responsibility for the use of any product purchased from this site, as well as any claims resulting from their actions.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase merchandise from Bill Hampton Handmade Knives; absolutely no sales to minors, no exceptions.  Some merchandise offered on this site may be illegal to purchase or possess in various locations throughout the United States.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to ascertain whether or not products advertised on this site may be legally owned or possessed based on local laws and regulations.



All Bill Hampton Handmade Knives are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for one year (or as long as I am able to make custom knives) from the original date of purchase.  All handle materials, particularly natural woods, are temperature stabilized as much as practical prior to assembly.  Damage caused by abuse or lack of maintenance are excluded.  Should you find your knife in need of repair, please return it directly to me for repair or replacement.

The fine print:

My knives are designed for cutting; this warranty does not cover misuse and abuse (e.g.: use as screwdriver, prying tool, knife throwing, etc…).  I reserve the right to make final repair/replacement decisions upon inspection.

Because each knife is individually hand crafted, all measurements are approximate and no two knives will be identical in appearance or size.  Each image and description provided on this site represents the item you will be ordering.  In the event of misprinted product information or shipment of wrong item, I will honor my commitment to customer satisfaction in the form of an exchange for the proper item.

We look forward to serving you soon.
Please call or Email us for product and pricing information.

Bill Hampton
Handmade Knives
7935 E. D. Robbins Road
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737
Phone: 352.324.2148
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