Abby & Sassy
Rusty & Misty

The Early Years:



Kokie prepares his "goodbyes" for companions George, Indie and the humans who occupy the only home he's known.





The Formative Years:

Kokie has arrived safely at his new home and beginning to adapt to the unfamiliar surroundings.  We will keep Kokie isolated from the other pets until we are convinced he is eating on his own and showing no signs of stress.

Kokie is preparing to spend his third night in new surroundings and we're happy to report that all is going well with the remaining felines.  He has explored all the living spaces except for one bedroom and seems to have no interest in escaping outdoors where predators await.  Kokie is presenting the most evil growl to all who cross his path or gives him a sideways glance yet makes no hostile postures.  The resident cats merely hiss at the stranger and move on or decide to sit and stare at each other until somebody blinks.  With each passing day, the boundary areas shrank and soon enough they will be touching noses, sniffing butts and welcoming Kokie to Little Gusí Domain.

While making rounds on his fifth day, Kokie made the inevitable acquaintance of Booger and spent several minutes examining this alien creature.  Fortunately, for everyone involved, no aggression resulted during this meeting and both pets walked away content that neither would launch an attack in the future.  With growling nearly ceased, Rusty has made repeated attempts to engage Kokie in playful activities but receiving mixed signals.  Nobody seems too upset that Kokie began scratching around in other litter boxes and feeding time has become an all hands event.

The Formidable Years: