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Favorite Photographs

Here are some great pictures we like to share with family and friends.  Click each thumbnail below to see the full-size picture, then use your Web browser's button to return to this page.

These images are high resolution with large file sizes.

If you are not running a high speed connection, you may need to allow for additional time to download the larger files.

Photos from the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Blue Heron.gif (512574 bytes)Flower.gif (686191 bytes)
Goat.gif (757843 bytes)Hippos.gif (711240 bytes)Parrots.gif (530050 bytes)

Family Photos

Liz with Abby and Sassy.gif (248140 bytes)Liz with Gus in Mountains.gif (346193 bytes)Liz and Gus.gif (279170 bytes)
Baby Gus.gif (313547 bytes)Gus with Steak.gif (397657 bytes)Leaper.gif (571340 bytes)Spider.gif (369701 bytes)