Rusty & Misty

Abby & Sassy
Rusty & Misty

Brother and Sister with different Daddies

You can't help but love the two new kittens we have adopted into our home.  They really are siblings but share only the mother's genetic chromosomes.  I was introduced to Misty by a veterinarian located in Shelter Island who cares a great deal about the health and well being of all animals placed in her charge.  Barbara sent me a photo of Misty with an invitation to come and visit the kitten.  Naturally, this evolved into something more than we planned to add to the house of home wreckers when we were convinced to adopt both Misty and her brother Rusty.

Misty is a lovable kitten with tabby markings on a lynx point coat.  She is small, loving and very affectionate.  Misty enjoys a good cuddle and snoozes regularly with her owners.

Rusty is, quite literally, the opposite side of the coin.  He has a white coat with brown markings, independent as a cat can be and less tolerant of strangers that come to visit his masters.  Rusty will, on rare occasions, make himself cozy on my lap as I sit watching a movie or asleep in bed.

Looking at these kittens, no one would suspect they were from the same litter since they have no physical similarities.  Misty has remained small during her first six months of life while Rusty has grown at a disproportionate rate.


The Formative Years:

Rusty and Misty are quickly maturing into well adapted house pets.  They play well together, keeping one another entertained but not necessarily out of trouble.  Rusty has taken a particular liking to Kiki, one of the senior cats adopted into our household in years past.  Much to our surprise, Kiki seems to enjoy Rusty's affection and personal interest.  Misty, on the other hand, attempts to assert her dominance over the two senior cats but her lack of seniority and size only leads to disappointment on her part.

Rusty has earned a reputation for being the typical independent cat; seeking the attention of his human companions when in need of a good head rub, brushing or the all-predictable morsel from our dinner plate.  He has learned to open doors throughout the house, a trait shared with one of our more colorful pets Gus.  His favorite act is to open the closet doors so Misty can sneak inside and begin her pursuit for exploration, generally resulting in the destruction of clothes.  Rusty does experience some congenital respiratory problems requiring him to receive medication orally and through an inhaler twice each day.  The symptoms are shortness of breath accompanied with wheezing that generally must run its course until his breathing becomes regular.  In spite of this health problem, Rusty maintains an active lifestyle and is a devoted companion to Liz.

Misty is considerably smaller and less vociferous than her brother Rusty.  She is extremely affectionate, timid and too curious for her own good.  She epitomizes the coined phrase "Velcro Kitty" and is, without doubt, a one-person cat.  Much to the dismay of Liz, Misty has selected the man as her primary human companion.  Naturally, this has created some dissention between Liz and Misty regarding the longstanding belief that all nice cats must demonstrate allegiance to the lady of the house and steer clear of the impertinent man.  Perhaps in time Misty will come to her senses; for now I must endure endless periods of abdominal kneading, chest pawing and lap napping while I lay in the recliner in a near catatonic state.  Unlike her sibling Rusty, Misty's health appears to be excellent and she requires no special medical attention.